Welcome to the minerva® showroom

Here you will find a gallery to show day to day examples of our worksurface offering. Ranging from kitchen installations in customers homes, bathroom worktops, retail displays and beyond.  Whether you are looking for inspiration on your next worksurface, or aspire for a completely new look for your kitchen or bathroom, we know you won’t be disappointed!

minerva® Calcutta White Due to the unique production method used, we are able to offer large islands as a standard item. Paired with a matching décor end panel, this allows the full veined effect to flow across your feature island

minerva® Silver Haze Combines a distinctive veining with clear cut particulates on a pale grey background, adding depth and dimension

minerva® Silver Haze 6mm thick sheets of minerva silver haze were fitted as full height floor to ceiling wall panels, complementing this contemporary bathroom perfectly

minerva® Calcutta White With the cool touch of solid stone

minerva® Carrara White stylish splashbacks are are hygienic and easy to clean

minerva® Copper Fleck The distinctive metallic tones of Copper Fleck, work well with wood and dark greys

minerva® White worksurface with matching upstand delivers clean flowing lines

minerva® Carrara White The options are endless! Featuring matching wall panels and vanity top for a timeless finish

minerva® Concrete Haze Ideal for creating an industrial or statement look

minerva® Sparkling White Reassuringly elegant, with just the right amount of sparkle!

minerva® Nimbus Grey Deep grey tones with pearl and white flecks help Nimbus Grey make a strong statement especially with monotone kitchen designs

minerva® Calcutta White Pre fabricated recessed drainer grooves, adding depth and dimension

minerva® Caramel Crunch This warming décor sits comfortably with browns and creams in both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs

minerva® Grey Crystal By seamlessly joining two pieces of solid surface together, larger size island worktops can be achieved. With specks that shimmer and sparkle as light changes, this décor works particularly well with gloss dark grey furniture

minerva® Carrara White A veined décor, reflecting the natural appeal of stone. Perfect for creating a warm traditional feel to your kitchen

minerva® Carrara White Infinite design options! Featuring our pre fabricated single bowl in acrylic, with recessed drainer area

minerva® Carrara White Left over worktop? Why not give your utility room a make over with this simple but effective transformation!

minerva® Calcutta White combines a delicate white background with luxurious grey veining to create an exquisitely unique and striking décor, bringing sophistication to any kitchen

minerva® Calcutta White Did you know sink cut outs and drainer grooves can be easily achieved on site? Whether you are using the services of a professional or doing the job yourself, minerva is designed to deliver the best possible aesthetic results!

minerva® Calcutta White Each Calcutta worksurface is unique, reflecting the natural appeal of marble and stone

minerva® Calcutta White Imperceptible, seamless joins with full design flexibility

minerva® Calcutta White Every minerva joint is hygienic and seamless to touch. Our veined decors are completely unique, therefore visual difference between joints is to be expected

minerva® Calcutta White 12mm thick sheets were fitted as full height floor to ceiling wall panels, ensuring the entire bathroom is waterproof, hygienic and easy to clean

minerva® Calcutta White The distinct veining balances perfectly with the curved sanitaryware and vanity unit

minerva® Silver Haze incorporated with a large belfast sink and black accessories, keeping in line with current colour trends

minerva® Silver Haze Island top paired with matching end panels, allowing the distinctive veining to flow seamlessly across the surface and down the side of the island

minerva® Calcutta White Creates a timeless yet elegant bathroom, thanks to the unique veining running throughout the solid surface wall panels

minerva® Silver Haze drainer grooves. With fabrication built-in, minerva saves valuable time when it comes to preparation and installation.

minerva® Silver Haze Luxurious worktops teamed with an undermount bowl and splashbacks, are just some of the added attractions of choosing minerva for your kitchen.

minerva® Silver Haze is a veined décor, reflecting the natural appeal of stone.

minerva® White Rather than fabricating on-site, bespoke worktops can be manufactured in our factory, as per your unique kitchen or bathroom designs!

minerva® Silver Haze stainless steel sink module. Select an undermounted stainless steel or acrylic sink from our collection. Factory pre-fabricated for easy and quick installation

minerva® Calcutta White works well with a variety of different cabinet colours – the possibilities are endless!

minerva® Calcutta White feature island with matching end panels

minerva® Ice Blue has a cool-white background and dark blue flecks combined with crystal-like particulates to create a distinctive décor.

minerva® Calcutta White island with matching shelf for that finishing touch. Do you have spare off cuts? Why not create a matching shelf, side table or chopping board!

minerva® Ice Blue Solid performance total design flexibility!

minerva® Ice Blue works particularly well with dark blue, green/blue, grey and light wood doors.

minerva® Ice Blue matching end panels create a seamless look to this feature island

minerva® Ice Blue the versatility of minerva allows for any shape of of your choice.

minerva® Calcutta White with striking grey veining

minerva® Calcutta White offers the flexibility to meet all your design needs, without the cost of specialist installation! 

minerva® Carrara White as a large feature island, perfect for entertaining guests!

minerva® Cararra White sink module with curved corners added by the fitter on site. Curves can be easily achieved on site using standard wood working tools!

minerva® Calcutta White large island with sink module… finished perfectly with matching end panels

minerva® Concrete Haze blends a stone-like background with an assortment of flecks and clouded veining for a striking look