Solid performance, total design flexibility

Welcome to minerva®: the home of practical and solid kitchen worksurface material, manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. Delivering a luxurious appearance, cool pleasing touch and robust performance day in, day out. With a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects, style is not compromised for quality. Imperceptible, seamless joints with full design flexibility. Aspirations are a reality.

Whether you dream of sweeping curves or contemporary lines, minerva® offers the flexibility to meet all your design needs without the cost of specialist installation. Please take a look through our range and contemplate some of the possibilities – your imagination will provide the rest!


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All minerva® worksurfaces are supplied ready for installation with smooth factory machined face & edges all finished by hand.

No need, therefore, for time consuming and messy preparation work as face & edges are finished and ready for fitting.


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minerva® cuts the wait and cost usually associated with choosing solid worksurfaces, saving you time and money.


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Whether you are using the services of a professional installer or doing the job yourself, minerva® is designed to deliver the best possible aesthetic results.


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Undermounted bowls teamed with designer drainer grooves, breakfast bars, splashbacks and upstands, these are just some of the added attractions of choosing minerva® for your kitchen.


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Rather than fabricating on-site, bespoke worktops can be manufactured in our factory as per your unique kitchen designs.

Factory machined face & edges, all finished by hand

All minerva® worksurfaces are supplied with smooth factory machined face and edges, all finished by hand.

We cut and hand finish the worksurface face and edges for you, so they are delivered ready to fit, saving you valuable installation time and money.

No need to spend time on site making sure the finished face and edges are square and presentable, it’s all been done for you.

Minerva Calcutta White worksurface

minerva® Calcutta White worksurface

Desert Rock Detail

minerva® Desert Rock worksurface

minerva Ice Crystal with walnuts

minerva® Ice Crystal worksurface

Faster lead times, quicker installation

No specialist equipment, no specialist installation…no time wasted

With minerva® there is no waiting for complicated templates to be produced and risk expensive delays. All minerva® worksurfaces are factory machined and then finished by hand, delivered ready for installation…it’s that quick, it’s that simple.

The versatility of minerva® allows for any shape of your choice.

Both concave and convex curved corners can be easily cut on-site with standard woodworking tools by any experienced kitchen fitter .

We cut and hand finish the worksurface face and edges for you, so they are delivered ready to fit, saving you valuable installation time and money.

No need to spend time on site making sure the finished face and edges are square and presentable, it’s all been done for you.

Imperceptible, seamless, solid joints

Smooth flowing lines, even across the joint

Every minerva® joint is hygienic and seamless to touch. An imperceptible joint can be achieved with most décors.

Our veined décors are completely unique, therefore visual difference between joints is to be expected.

There are no specialist preparation procedures required to achieve beautiful imperceptible, seamless joints

Carrera White join

minerva® Carrara White is a veined décor reflecting the natural appeal of stone

Peakstone detail

minerva® Peak Stone with the cool touch of solid stone

Sparkling White

minerva® Sparkling White is reassuringly elegant with just the right amount of sparkle

Pre-fabricated features

With fabrication built-in, minerva® saves valuable time when it comes to preparation and installation.

All working faces and edges are factory machined and hand finished, which means there’s no time wasted on site. Select an undermounted stainless steel or acrylic sink from the minerva® collection. Factory pre-fabricated for easy and quick installation.

minerva® sink modules are made from a solid piece of material, the recessed sections may have a slightly different pattern on some décors due to the spread of the coloured chips.

Ice Blue minerva worksurface

minerva® IceBlue worksurface

Copper Fleck detail

minerva® Copper Fleck

Due to the production process of minerva® Copper Fleck worksurfaces, the particulate can be felt in the finished surface giving it a textured feel.

This is quite normal and does not affect the use of the worksurface.

Nimbus Grey detail

minerva® Nimbus Grey worksurface

minerva fossil Detail

minerva® Fossil – factory machined drainer grooves add depth and dimension

minerva® Amazonia Brown – by joining two pieces of solid surface together in our factory, larger size island worktops can be fabricated.
All non-standard worktop configurations come with factory machined face and edges, all finished by hand, ready for installation

Custom Service

Your kitchen should be everything you’ve dreamed of

Our Custom Service department specialises in producing the extraordinary.

Rather than fabricating on-site, bespoke worktops can be manufactured in our factory as per your unique kitchen designs…we call it Custom Service.

All of our minerva® sinks and drainer grooves are located centrally within the sink module. With Custom Service, we can

locate your sink and drainer grooves anywhere, often to the far left or far right of the worktop.

Requests for larger island sizes are welcomed, these are achieved by seamlessly joining two pieces of solid surface together.

Minerva Sparkling White

minerva® Sparkling White – hob cut-outs are prepared easily on-site making larger size island worktops ideal for food preparation and meal times

Minerva Fossil Main

minerva® Fossil – sink and drainer grooves are located to one side of this bespoke breakfast bar.
If you require a non-standard sink module, we will happily reposition the sink plate as per your design requirements

Minerva worksurface

minerva® Carrara White – edge detail can completely change the appearance of a worktop